KORESTA – Korean Kitchen Equipment

Koresta Enterprise Ltd. is a commercial kitchen manufacturer and supplier company located in South Korea. We have been manufacturing kitchen equipment for over 10 years. We began branching out world-wide from Korea to Southeast Asia with our excellent products, good turnaround time on orders, and cost-effective prices. With many years of experience in overseas, we have built our unique product design to meet various electricity capacities, weather conditions, water conditions etc by countries. We not only offer the technology

Koresta is now a leading company in catering, bar and home appliance equipment manufacturing , strength consists in offering the customers different machine types diversified according to their use – meat grinders, graters, slicers, Rice Steaming, Industrial Freezer, Sterilization cabinet, Sandwich Grills, Industrial Gas Stove,Induction Cookers, Convection Oven, Dishwasher, Char Grill,Vegetable cutters, cutters – and above all they are supplied in different sizes and capacities. These characteristics allow our customers to choose among a wide range of products, each one made observing the same quality and reliability criteria but extremely versatile and adaptable to any activity.

With a technician founder, we put safety and practical first when developing our equipments, just like we are the end users. Quality and professional customer service are the two pillars that makes us today.

Koresta state-of-the-art-technology designed to improve everyday life.

Based on accumulated experience and technical know-how for 30 years, KORESTA  have expanded nationwide sales and made a sales contract with big market.